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Your Children, Your Family Rules
If you and your husband are going on a couples-only get-away this summer, there’s a lot to do. You may be boarding the family pets, having the mail stopped, and bringing your children to their gran...

Children Who Fear School
It’s still summer but the media is already blasting the screen with “back-to-school” commercials. With more than half a summer left, most kids think the ads are funny. But for some children the com...

Should Schools Allow Students to Have Cell Phones?
If you ask me if a child should have a cell phone, I will answer yes without any hesitation. I think children today need a cell phone simply for safety sake. There are phone plans and parental rest...

Just being parents can be a difficult job. Being a single parent, and going it on your own, makes the job that much harder. Whatever the reasons are for going it alone the single parent household i...

What To Do When Your Child Has Nightmares
If your child is suffering from nightmares, the chances are that he or she is going to be anxious and in need of support. Sometimes, they will be absolutely terrified of bedtime, and will dread the...

Potty Training
It can be daunting when the time comes for your child to move from nappies to pants, but this does not have to be the case. These basic potty training tips should help to guide you through the proc...

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