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Should Your Child Have a Cell Phone?
In some ways, the cellular phone revolution has become a monster out of control. Everyone has to have a cell phone. This includes adults, teens and preteens. Even toddlers walk around with toy cell...

Teaching Kids to Relish their Responsibilities
Children primarily learn things not from being lectured to, instructed, or drilled, but rather through imitation. A dozen occasions where we might try to explain to them how something should be don...

Talking with Children about their Adoption
Most children have a natural need to reconstruct the story of their life and arrive at a clear picture of it. This is often how the “birds and the bees” discussion is initiated – sometimes to the c...

TV Tips For Your Family
It’s hard to deny it, television is pretty enjoyable. Sometimes it gets so enjoyable that we watch too much, taking time away from outdoor activities, family togetherness, even important things lik...

When Partners Share a Vision
When two people commit to an intimate relationship together, they often have shared goals that serve to tighten the bond between them – at least for a time. Sometimes these goals will be financial ...

Protecting the Creative Spark in Children
For many children, unfortunately, the fires of creativity begin to ebb at a young age. Much of the blame can be laid on our educational systems and their heavy emphasis on right or wrong answers an...

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