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Discussing Death With Your Children
Discussing death with your children can be a difficult subject, especially if you are having trouble accepting the death of someone you love. It is important, however, to help children understand ...

Supporting Your Child’s Dream While Maintaining Your Sanity
Sometimes it’s hard for parents to understand the things that make their children tick. Whether it’s dancing, writing, painting, running, archery, etc., we often become infatuated with something in...

The War Drum of Lunacy
"The definition of a heat wave is three days on a row that exceed 92 degrees." Yep, that's what I heard on the radio and the temperature had been in excess of 100 degrees for five days.

Free Parenting Advice for Those Who Mess Things Up
For ten glorious years my wife and I celebrated marriage without children. We share in the joy of mutual satisfaction in a life unhindered by tiny feet. We would spontaneously pack up a couple of s...

Creating Healthy Boundaries for our Children in a Lax Soc ...
In our culture, “discipline” is a word that often carries ugly connotations. People are prone to imagine beatings, grounding, harsh language and anger. But discipline in its positive aspect simply ...

Can a Father Do Nothing but Wait?
When a baby is newly born, its father can often feel redundant. Indeed, what do we have to offer this frail little creature that seems to want only maternal care and comforting? Many men equate fat...

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